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Earth + City Candy Grams

by Kate Rose February 07, 2019

In 2016, our core team at Earth + City came up with an idea - what if we could take an old high school Valentine’s Day practice we loved and offer it in food form to our communities in Toronto?  The result was something the team was quite proud of and that the city embraced - Candy Grams.

Many of us remember receiving or sending Candy Grams to friends and crushes alike in school growing up.  The nostalgia that comes with these sweet little bundles is likely part of why they were so successful when we first launched them in 2016.  Now, after a three year break, we've brought them back! For only $20, our team will deliver a petite package, bearing a handwritten love note, two of our classic macaroon flavours (vanilla and cacao) plus one of our seasonal macaroons (cinnamon heart), to four special individuals across the city on February 14th - Valentine’s Day!

During the planning stage, we wanted the Candy Grams to reflect some of our core values.  Aligning the Candy Grams with #HeartMonth and #ValentinesDay seemed appropriate but it was more important for us to highlight heart health (alongside overall wellness) and all types of relationships, friendships, partnerships and families!

The edible portion of the Candy Gram  - our macaroons - are plant-based (vegan), gluten-free and naturally sweetened like all of Earth + City's products.  The Cinnamon Heart Macaroons - one of our current seasonal offerings - are the cherry on the top. They are made with organic beets, cinnamon, fresh chilies and raw cacao - all having various proven heart health benefits.  

In order to encourage people to send Candy Grams to multiple people they love in their communities, we set the minimum order to four (4) Candy Grams per purchase. While Valentine’s Day has typically been a day that couples use to celebrate their love and romance for one another - we thought that folks should use this day as an opportunity to also celebrate the many other positive, love-filled relationships in their lives.  Many of us here at Earth + City are planning on sending some to our best friends, neighbours, family members and to our partners too!

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day in a meaningful way and make a difference in a loved one’s life. Order your Candy Grams today! See below for steps on how to order!

How to order Candy Grams for the special folks in your life:

  1.       Head on over to our online store ( )
  2.       Look for Candy Grams in our Special Items list and click on the product link. Here you will find everything you need to know about these beauties!
  3.       Select as many 4 packs as you want – remember, each order is actually four (4) Candy Grams that you get to assign and personalise for four (4) different people (or send them all to one person if you want - You Do You!)
  4.       Proceed to the check out and opt for "Candy Gram Delivery" in the pickup locations list.  This ensures that you won’t be charged a delivery fee
  5.       When you receive your confirmation email, there should be a google form link listed.  This is where the fun begins! Complete this form with the information of the people you want to send Candy Grams.  You can even opt to remain anonymous if you'd like!
  6.       That’s it! You're done! Now you get to bask in the glow of knowing that there's a little something special headed to some very special person/people!

Kate Rose
Kate Rose


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